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zonya harris

Mrs. Zonya Harris
College / Career Services

suzanne chandler

Mrs. Suzanne Chandler
P.E. Teacher

shanna hall

Mrs. Shanna Hall
Bridge Tutor

sally bright

Mrs. Sally Bright
Elementary Music Teacher

melissa james

Mrs. Melissa James
Elementary Assistant


Ms. Helen-Mary Cowart
Bridge Tutor

kelli herbert

Mrs. Kelli Herbert
Head of School, The Bridge Director

karen erickson

Mrs. Karen Erickson
High School Teacher, Fine Arts
Director, High School Coordinator

john daniels

Mr. John Daniels
Middle School Teacher

jessica ponton

Mrs. Jessica Ponton

james banks

Mr. James Banks
Transportation Supervisor and Custodian

Holly Cable

Mrs. Holly Cable
Bridge Tutor

clydette burke

Mrs. Clydette Burke
Early Learning Center Teacher

cindy sharpe

Mrs. Cindy Sharpe
Elementary Teacher, Early Education Coordinator

ashley vaughn

Mrs. Ashley Vaughn
Elementary Teacher

lisa mcclure

Mrs. Lisa McClure
Office Administrator

mary bane

Mrs. Mary Bane
Director of Instruction, Middle School Coordinator, Teacher



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